Annual Town Meeting 25th April 7pm Town Hall

Town Meeting agenda 25 April 24

Town Meeting agenda 25 April 24

Notice of Vacancy


There is one vacancy on North Tawton Town Council

A by-election to fill the vacancies will be held if within 14 days of the date of this Notice (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Bank Holidays) ten electors from the Town give notice in writing to the Returning Officer requiring that such an election be held.


The address of the Returning Officer is West Devon Borough Council, Kilworthy Park, Drake Road, Tavistock, Devon PL19 0BZ. A request for an election can also be scanned and emailed to , but the document must contain “wet ink” signatures.


If no such notice is given, the Town Council will fill the vacancies through co-option.


For further information please contact the Clerk to the Town Council.


Dated: 26 March 2024


SignedTown Clerk

2024/25 Budget and precept reductions

Press release

North Tawton Town Council are happy to report that they have unanimously agreed a budget of £165,811 for 2024/25.  This represents a decrease of £8,466 on 2023/24 which is a decrease of 4.6% and a precept of £146,812,  meaning the Band D parish rate will be £203.23 which is a decrease of 0.01% on 2023/24.  Cllr Whiteley, Chair of Finance committee who made the unanimous  recommendations of the finance committee to full council thanked all members of the finance committee and the RFO in working hard over the last 3 months to reach this recommendation

Notice of Poll 8th February 2024 North Tawton

Fire Service Consultation

Precept poster 2023

Precept poster 2023

Durant Trust Grant applications – closing date 27th October 2023

Durant Trust


There will be a meeting of the Durant Trust at the end of November, at which time the Trustees will consider applications from organisations for projects which will benefit the residents of North Tawton.

Application forms are available on our website, there is a link from the homepage, or by contacting the Town Clerk.

The deadline for applications is Friday 27 October 2023.

The forms must be completed in full and submitted with all the required supporting information.