BT Phone Box, The Square, North Tawton – what’s going on?

BT Phone Box, The Square, North Tawton

With the posting of official BT notices on the phone box, we’re aware that residents will want to know what is happening to this box.

BT periodically consults with parishes about the future of under-used phone boxes in their area.  At the  last consultation, Autumn of 2019, we said that whilst we don’t feel there is now a need for the phone box at the junction of Mill Lane and Fore Street, we’d  like BT to retain the box in The Square.

It’s the emergency phone for the Town Hall, and also an emergency phone for people in the vicinity of The Square where the mobile phone signal is not always reliable – thinking of schoolchildren getting off the bus and needing to ring home for example.

We only recently became aware that the phone has been out of order,  and asked BT to investigate.  BT have a concern about the bookshelves that have erected being a potential safety hazard, and they can’t access the phone, so they’ve asked for the shelves and books to be removed.  It seems from the newly posted external notice that they are consulting yet again as to whether residents want to retain the box.

We’re aware that the books and DVDs have been a great help to residents especially during the more severe restrictions of the lockdown and we really appreciate people’s enthusiasm in setting up the free books initiative.

We’re waiting to hear back from BT about the consultation issue, and this matter will be on the Agenda for the Council’s next meeting on 7 July 2020.  If you have any comments, please be aware we don’t  have resources to monitor facebook pages and collate comments, but you can easily get in touch with us via the ‘Contact Us’ page on our website, .