Cemetery Regulations

Cemetery Regulations – 2017 updates

The Town Council has recently reviewed the Cemetery Regulations.  Councillors do realise that this is a very sensitive subject.  The Cemetery Regulations can be viewed on our website below,  or you can call into the office to view them.  A shortened version of the Regulations is posted on the noticeboard by the Chapel of Rest in the Cemetery.

The most recent amendments emphasise that mounds over graves should be removed when memorials are erected, and also emphasise that items placed on graves must be in accordance with the regulations and that items such as jam jars, metal cans, glass vases or containers, flower pots/troughs, ornaments, lights, bells, windmills etc will be removed (they will be safely stored and can be reclaimed by contacting the Council).

Items that are permitted are as follows:

  • Small wooden crosses will be allowed, for a period of 12 months, prior to the erection of a headstone. 
  • All new Garden of Remembrance tablets should include an integral vase for flowers, and installed level with the ground.

 We also have a public information sheet which tells you about grave rights, memorial safety, advises on winter conditions, and also contains information from the main Cemetery Regulations – see below.