Coronavirus – Closure of NTTC Office

Dear Residents

It has been decided to close the NTTC Office to the public until further notice.

This is the best way for us to try and ensure that the Council can keep operating during this emergency period. I can advise that I myself have a permanent lung condition which puts me in a vulnerable group – I can’t undertake all of the work of the Council from home, and at the same time I don’t want to put myself in contact with others more than is absolutely necessary. It’s my job, and my very earnest wish, to keep the work of the Council going. We need to be here over the long term as the situation changes and we may be required to do many different things to support our community over the coming months. For many reasons it’s not possible to man the office with Councillors or volunteers.

You can contact us by phone (leave a message if necessary) or by email – I check emails pretty regularly from home as well. You can also contact us by post or pop a note through the door, especially if you want us to report any specific problems eg streetlighting, etc. We will be posting up to date information or relevant links on our website, and on our noticeboard with regard to Coronavirus.

Closure of the office was not a decision taken lightly, and I ask you to be aware that we’re still here working on behalf of our community.

Sarah Say, Clerk to North Tawton Town Council