Coronavirus Emergency – Be A Good Neighbour

Coronavirus Emergency – Be A Good Neighbour

Dear Residents

It will come as no surprise to you to learn that there have been many suggestions and offers from those of you who want to help your neighbours and fellow residents in the current emergency situation. This is a testament to the strong community spirit here in North Tawton for which we are all grateful.

The Council firmly believes that the very best way for us to support vulnerable members of our community at the moment is for us to adopt a ‘Good Neighbour’ approach – you’ll know the circumstances of your neighbours, and even if they don’t know you well they’ll know who you are and where you live – you won’t be a complete stranger.

We’ve decided to distribute a ‘Help’ page [SEE ATTACHMENT] to every household in the parish to give residents a means to ask for help if necessary – these will be coming through your door over the next couple of days.


Place the red H sign in your window or somewhere where it can be easily seen by neighbours. When someone comes to assist you, you could have your phone number ready on a sign to show them – they can ring you and find out how they can help. Alternatively, open a window and speak to them that way.


Knock on the door or window, if they display their phone number give them a ring, or speak to them through the window or as best you can. You may be able to help by doing some emergency shopping or contacting their friends or relatives if they are not able to do this themselves.

IMPORTANT – Do not put yourself into danger of contracting coronavirus, or be in danger of unwittingly transmitting it to vulnerable neighbours.

Sarah Say, Town Clerk, on behalf of North Tawton Town Council.