Current Road works North Street and Fore Street

Update from Josh Scillitoe – Local Neighbourhood Highways Officer 18.8.22

SWW are working in North St and have overrun so asked for an extension till 26th Aug which was granted

WPD were due to start work on a closure in Fore St near the vets on Monday 15th and as this is the diversion route for the SWW works were asked to delay their works for obvious traffic reasons

WPD ignored this and carried on with their closure

I’ve spoken to the boss of the Co ordination team and he is taking it up with WPC at a higher level

So far I’ve found out that WPD will be closing Fore St Thursday 18th August to finish off the job

The signage is all laid out for both closures which is very confusing I agree

This then leaves the SWW works o/s the Gregory’s depot/Yeo Lane week commencing 22nd Aug

This is now being done under Temp Traffic Signals instead of a closure

This will help enormously as lorries can use the normal route into depot ie past Arla and not through town centre