DCC Highways – Drainage works from Culm Cross to Fore Street, North Tawton

Residents may be aware of works that are being carried out in this area – we have been notified that this work is taking much longer than anticipated and the Highways Team apologises for any inconvenience.

On a positive note, the works are part of a larger scheme that is currently at the early design stage that will involve resurfacing the road from Culm Cross to the Dental Surgery in Fore Street.  At this stage there is no information as to when these works will be carried out.

The works are being undertaken further to a meeting between DCC Highways and North Tawton Town Council, which was linked to the DCC ‘Doing What Matters’ project.  This involves taking into account what is most important to local residents, rather than just undertaking programmed or reactive works.

The resurfacing work, particularly in the area of Taw Bridge, was obviously identified by NTTC as a very high priority, so it is really good news that this will be undertaken in due course.