Neighbourhood Plan Regulation 14 Consultation

North Tawton Draft Neighbourhood Plan

Embracing the past, planning the future

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The Neighbourhood Plan Group, on behalf of North Tawton Town Council, are now ready to present the Draft Neighbourhood Plan. They are looking for your comments on this draft before it is submitted to West Devon Borough Council who will be responsible for taking it forward to the next stage. This is an important milestone.

The Neighbourhood Plan is your plan. It’s based on the views that have been expressed over the past few years, first in response to a detailed questionnaire sent to every household, and then at a series of open meetings and consultation events. All the comments that were received have been considered and the policies that make up the plan – policies on housing, economic development, conserving our natural environment and more – are based on what the people of North Tawton have said is important to them in protecting our heritage and planning for the future.

Now is the time to check whether the draft plan is on the right track and that you agree with the policies proposed. Officially, this is referred to as Regulation 14 Consultation. You have seven weeks to look at the plan and send your comments to the Town Council.

The consultation opens at 12 noon on Monday, 4th December 2017 and you have until 5 p.m. on Monday 15 January, 2018 to respond.

Where to see the Neighbourhood Plan:

  • online on the North Tawton Council website:
  • during working hours in the Town Council offices, 14a the Square, North Tawton
  • during opening hours at key public venues including the waiting rooms at the medical and dental surgeries, the cafés and public houses, the hairdressing salons, and at Okehampton Library.

How to make your comments?

  • On the comment form printed in Roundabout.
  • On the comment form accompanying hard copies of the draft plan in the public venues
  • Using the comment form that you can download from the North Tawton website.

All comment forms should be returned to the Council Offices, 14a The Square, North Tawton.

There will be a drop-in session at North Tawton Town Hall on Saturday, 6th January from 10 a.m. until 12 noon. Come along and give us your comments and ask any questions you may have.

Here is the link to the North Tawton Neighbourhood Plan:

North Tawton Neighbourhood Plan  

NTNP Consultation Statement and Appendices

There are a number of Appendices that relate to the North Tawton Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Statement, and they can be found on the separate Consultation Statement page.


Attachment 8 – This document can be viewed at the North Tawton Town Council Office during normal opening hours.

Attachment 16 – Energy and Environment Appendix 2 – Devon Advice Note – Wind and Solar power 



Total Attachments: 18

Download: 1a - Introduction and Background Appendix 1 - Designation Statement.pdf (515 KB) Download: 1b - Introduction and Background Appendix 1 - Map of plan area.pdf (702 KB) Download: 2 - Introduction and Background Appendix 2 - Consultation Statement.pdf (2 MB) Download: 3 - Introduction and Background Appendix 3 - Strategic Environmental Assessment (807 KB) Download: 4 - Introduction and Background - Assessment Screening Report June 2017.pdf (807 KB) Download: 5 - Conserving Historic and Natural Environment Appendix 1 - NT Design Statement (241 KB) Download: 6 - Conserving Historic and Natural Environment Appendix 2 - Local Green Space C (338 KB) Download: 7 - Conserving Historic and Natural Environment Appendix 3 - Local Green Space C (151 KB) Download: 9 - Housing Appendix 1 - Site Information Pack.pdf (1 MB) Download: 10 - Housing Appendix 2 - Housing Needs Survey November 2014.pdf (219 KB) Download: 11 - Housing Appendix 3 - Devon JSNA Community Profile 2016.pdf (629 KB) Download: Housing Appendix 4 - North Tawton Parish Profile updated 2014 (91 KB) Download: 13 - Housing Appendix 5 - North Tawton Design Statement.pdf (241 KB) Download: 14 - Infrastructure Appendix 1 - Transport Working Group Report 2016.pdf (981 KB) Download: 15 - Energy and Environment Appendix 1 - Calculations and Scenarios.pdf (203 KB) Download: 17 - Energy and Environment Appendix 3 - Dorset Solar Farm Community Benefit.pdf (647 KB) Download: 18 - Energy and Environment Appendix 4 - Definition of Passivhaus Standards.pdf (89 KB) Download: Neighbourhood Plan Comments Form (346 KB)