NTTC Election of Chair and Vice Chair of the Council, and Committee Membership

New Chair and Vice Chair of North Tawton Town Council

At its Annual Meeting on Tuesday 4 May 2021 North Tawton Town Council elected Cllr Jean Trewhitt as Chair of the Council, and Cllr Steve Whiteley as Vice Chair.

Cllr Trewhitt thanked Cllr Whiteley for everything he  had done for the Council during his period as Chair, and said that she looks forward to working with all members of the Council over the coming year.

The Council also agreed the formation of a Personnel Committee, agreed membership of all its Committees, and appointed a Chair and  Vice Chair to each Committee.  Please see the table below for details.

NB – 28.5.20 – the table of committee membership has been amended further to the resignation of J Gray from the Council.  A Vice-Chair of the Council’s finance committee will be elected as soon as possible.  S Say, Town Clerk


Planning Committee Cllr C Burrow (Chair)

Cllr J Trewhitt (Vice Chair)

Cllr K Hodge

Cllr C Lee

Cllr Mrs S Watson

Cllr S Whiteley

Finance Committee Cllr S Whiteley (Chair)

Cllr M Kennedy

Cllr K Drake

Cllr R Testa

Estates Committee Cllr R Testa (Chair)

Cllr Kennedy (Vice Chair)

Cllr K Hodge

Cllr S Watson

Cllr C Burrow

Cllr S Whiteley

Cllr J Trewhitt

Personnel Committee Cllr J Trewhitt (Chair)

Cllr S Watson

Cllr S Whiteley