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NTTC Extraordinary Meeting Monday 11 February 2019

North Tawton Town Council Extraordinary Meeting – Monday 11 February 2019, 7.30 pm, NTTC Office Please be advised that the above meeting is due to take place. There is only one agenda item, which falls within the criteria for Part II of the meeting. As there are no agenda items within the main part of […]

St Peter’s Church

St Peter’s Church now has its own website.

North Tawton Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Statement November 2018

Please find attached the NTNP Consultation statement and relevant appendices.


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Download: Appendix 5.1.2 Consultation Statement December 2018.pdf (2 MB) Download: Appendix Businesss and organisations Dec 2014.pdf (75 KB) Download: Appendix poster for aims etc meeting 21st March 2015.pdf (254 KB) Download: Appendix Results of CfS public voting as handout.pdf (278 KB) Download: Appendix SurveySummary_06132014-1.pdf (563 KB) Download: Appendix Results of Questionnaire - Power point summary.pdf (284 KB) Download: Appendix Roundabout article Consultion event Dec 2016.pdf (328 KB) Download: Appendix Press Release for Dec 2016 Consultation Event.pdf (202 KB) Download: Appendix Dec 10th 2016 Consultation event - poster.pdf (299 KB) Download: Appendix Feedback from forms Consultion Event Dec 2016.pdf (1 MB) Download: Appendix Feedback from Post It Notes Consultaion Event Dec 16.pdf (358 KB) Download: Appendix Feedback from Stickies Consultaion Events Dec 16.pdf (358 KB) Download: Appendix Consultation feedback notice.pdf (421 KB) Download: Appendix Evidence gathering letter and form groups.pdf (143 KB) Download: Appendix Evidence Gathering grid June 2016.pdf (221 KB) Download: Appendix LGS Designation - Response from landowners.pdf (448 KB) Download: Appendix LGS Designation - Residents' views Appendix CH3.pdf (208 KB) Download: Appendix NP comments form Reg 14.pdf (346 KB) Download: Appendix NP Letter re Regulation 14.pdf (345 KB) Download: Appendix NP Reg 14 Media release.pdf (309 KB) Download: Appendix Reg 14 Article for Roundabout.pdf (324 KB) Download: Appendix NP drop in poster Reg 14.pdf (217 KB) Download: Appendix Consultees and contact email Regulation 14.pdf (529 KB) Download: Appendix WDBC Response North Tawton Reg 14.pdf (680 KB) Download: Appendix 5.1.4 Regulation 14 Consultation Responses and Actions.pdf (122 KB) Download: Appendix Town Design Statement Appendix 1.pdf (285 KB) Download: Appendix Review of Local Green Space Criteria.pdf (77 KB) Download: Appendix Site Information Pack 2014.pdf (3 MB) Download: Appendix Site Information Pack 2016.pdf (634 KB) Download: Appendix Site Assessment Matrix using SEA Criteria.pdf (125 KB)

Do you require Planning Permission?

The Planning Portal provides lots of useful information, including an “interactive house“, regarding whether you need planning permission, Conservation Area Consent or Listed Building Consent. It is also advisable to contact the Planning Department at West Devon Borough Council.

NTTC Audit 2017-18

The Council is required to publish a Notice of conclusion of Audit, along with the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR), plus the auditors final report and certificate. These documents are attached below.  

Audit for the year ended 31st March 2016

The Annual audit has been completed by Grant Thornton.  The Annual Return can be viewed below, or on the noticeboard outside 14A The Square.  The Accounts are available on reasonable notice on application.  

Parish Lengthsman – Tender

Chagford, North Tawton and South Tawton parishes have secured TAP funding for a parish lengthsman to work within the 3 parishes.  The contract will be for 12 months.  CHAGFORD, NORTH TAWTON AND SOUTH TAWTON PARISH COUNCILS INVITATION TO TENDER Tenders are being sought for a Lengthsman to work one day per month in each of […]


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Download: Full details and specification (181 KB) Full details and specification

SeaMoor Lotto

We have joined the local SeaMoor Lottery as a ‘good cause’, and can now benefit from 50% of the money from ticket sales purchased through the dedicated North Tawton SeaMoor Lottery webpage. Why buy one of these lottery tickets? Only £1 per week Win up to £25,000 60% of ticket sales to good causes – […]

Annual Town Meeting

The Annual Town Meeting will be held in the Town Hall on Thursday 10th May 2018 commencing at 7.30 pm.