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NTTC Audit 2017-18

The Council is required to publish a Notice of conclusion of Audit, along with the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR), plus the auditors final report and certificate. These documents are attached below.  

Audit for the year ended 31st March 2016

The Annual audit has been completed by Grant Thornton.  The Annual Return can be viewed below, or on the noticeboard outside 14A The Square.  The Accounts are available on reasonable notice on application.  

Parish Lengthsman – Tender

Chagford, North Tawton and South Tawton parishes have secured TAP funding for a parish lengthsman to work within the 3 parishes.  The contract will be for 12 months.  CHAGFORD, NORTH TAWTON AND SOUTH TAWTON PARISH COUNCILS INVITATION TO TENDER Tenders are being sought for a Lengthsman to work one day per month in each of […]

SeaMoor Lotto

We have joined the local SeaMoor Lottery as a ‘good cause’, and can now benefit from 50% of the money from ticket sales purchased through the dedicated North Tawton SeaMoor Lottery webpage. Why buy one of these lottery tickets? Only £1 per week Win up to £25,000 60% of ticket sales to good causes – […]

Annual Town Meeting

The Annual Town Meeting will be held in the Town Hall on Thursday 10th May 2018 commencing at 7.30 pm.  

Recycling – BOX CLEVER

Message from West Devon BOX CLEVER If residents have only 1 recycling box currently, they need to order another, either online or telephone (if they haven’t already done so).  Please telephone 01833 813600 FCC will not empty contents of box  if it still contains “mixed” recyclate  e.g paper, card, plastic bottles  and has not been separated […]

North Tawton Flood Alleviation Scheme

The Met Office confirmed 2012 was the wettest year for England on record, but North Tawton’s Flood Alleviation defences have proved they work.  The Scheme was completed in 2003 and was jointly funded by West Devon Borough Council, DEFRA and the Department of the Environment.  The Chairman of North Tawton Town Council said that they had lobbied West Devon following […]

Section 106 Community Facilities Grant Scheme

The Section 106 Community Facilities Grant Scheme is now open to all community based groups that are not for private profit making. For further information and application form see attachments.    

Durant Trust – Grant Applications invited

Durant Trust North Tawton Town Council administers the Durant Trust Charity. Applications for grant aid are now invited.  Grants can be made to organisation, and must be for the benefit on the general community, grants may not normally be made to individuals unless the result will be of general benefit to the community in some […]