Road Closures in Fore Street and out to Culm Cross

Road Closures in Fore Street and out to Culm Cross

Further to queries from residents, the Town Clerk has been in correspondence with the Devon Highways liaison officer.  We are advised that 140 letters were sent to residents informing them of arrangements whilst the various closures take place.

We have said that all affected residents should have been sent a letter, and received the following reply from the Liaison Officer:

Residents are usually informed of roadworks in a number of ways.  The 2 main ways are:

  • Advanced signs set up on site 7 days in advance of any road closure.
  • Our contractors will letter drop residents directly affected by the work, 7 days prior to start of work.

Regarding letter drops, this normally means residents with frontages affected.  I’m not sure how far this has been done regarding Fore Street, so it is possible not all residents on side roads have received a letter.  I will check this.

Also, the following reply was sent to us in relation to an earlier query:

“During the works and the road closure, residents will be able to access their properties.  Pedestrian access will be maintained at all times.  However, vehicle access and parking will be restricted.  This will mainly be from 2nd August to 6th August when we will be resurfacing the section of road from the Vets to the Bridge.

During this week, residents living on Fore Street will not be able to park outside their properties.  Residents on the side streets (eg. Barkers Way) will be able to access their road via Fore Street but there may be slight delays at times while we are re-laying the new road surface.  Access will either be via the town centre or via Culm Cross.”

With regard to the vegetation cut back and left on pavements, i am assured this is being cleared today.

If anyone has any queries regarding the roadworks please ring DCC Highways on the following number:0345 155 1004.