Road Closures in Fore Street and out to Culm Cross – updated information as at 19 July 2021

Updates to information about the road closures, and also re traffic management

The Clerk to the Council has been in touch with the DCC Highways Liaison officer and obtained some updated information, particularly with regard to traffic management during the period of closure, and especially relating to HGV traffic.

Dates and arrangements during closures – information from DCC:

Overview of our programme: We will have temporary traffic lights operating during July with a road closure of Fore Street during August from North Park Vets to Culm Cross.


From 5th July we will be carrying out drainage and footpath repairs.  This will involve setting up temporary traffic lights.  There will be a minor closure of a side road.


From 2nd August we will be planing out and resurfacing the road as well as carrying out some minor drainage repairs.  All these operations will mean we need to close the road.  Therefore, Road Closures will be in place as follows:

  • Week commencing 2nd August: Road Closed from Vets to Bridge (but open over the w/e of 6th and 7th)
  • Week commencing 9th August: Road Closed from Bridge to Arla factory (but open over the w/e of 14th and 15th)
  • Week commencing 16th August: Road Closed from Arla to Culm Cross.

During the closure period we will be putting parking restrictions in place along Fore Street and High Street to assist the diversion of HGVs.

DCC Highways specific arrangements for the management of HGV traffic:

“The following has been discussed and agreed with Gregory’s.  To ease the flow of HGVs through the town:

  1. Confirmation that parking restrictions will be in place along Fore Street and High Street.
  2. During working hours, we will have 2 ‘gatemen’ on site.  1 at the top of Fore Street (The Square) and 1 near the bridge.  They will be in radio contact and will control traffic to ensure 2 HGVs don’t meet along that section of road.”