Please be aware that if you want to submit a questionnaire you must include your name, address and full post code.  This is so that we know you live in North Tawton and are therefore eligible for this survey, and also so that we can make sure no-one is submitting a duplicate form.  This information will be checked by the Clerk or Assistant Clerk, and will then be redacted before the questionnaire is seen by anyone else.  Your personal data will be secure and will not be shared with anyone else or used for any purpose other than for the climate questionnaire.  So far no-one has said anything controversial – we really want to include everyone’s considered point of view, so please include all of the required information when you submit  your form – thank you for your cooperation   Sarah Say, Clerk to NTTC.


What is the climate emergency?

The climate is the long-term pattern of day-to-day weather. In the last 100 years, the Earth’s average temperature has increased much faster than has been seen previously and is now higher than it has been for thousands of years – this is known as global warming.

Burning fuels such as petrol, diesel, gas and coal produces carbon dioxide (CO2). This is a ‘greenhouse gas’ which traps heat in the atmosphere, causing the air and sea to heat up – changing the climate. Already CO2 levels have increased to levels much higher than they have been for nearly a million years.

A United Nations (UN) report on the impacts of global warming was released in 2018, warning that we may have only 12 years to limit a climate crisis. An increase in global warming would greatly increase risks of drought, floods, extreme heat and climate related poverty for millions of people. If we can reduce emissions to zero by 2050 there is a good chance, we could avoid the worst impacts.

In December 2019 North Tawton Town Council declared a Climate Emergency in response to growing evidence of climate change and the problems this causes. The Council agreed to look for ways to help our community reduce direct and indirect CO 2 emissions, and to find ways for our town to become more resilient to issues caused by climate change.

The Council has approved increasing areas of wildflowers around the town, on a trial basis to start with. We have approved a 3 for 1 replacement policy for any of our trees that need to be removed, and we will be measuring the ‘carbon footprint’ of council operations. We want to get your input to help develop ideas and plans for more projects.

North Tawton Climate group was formed by members of our community, meeting regularly for the past 6 months to discuss topics which could help reduce some of the effects of climate change. In normal circumstance the group invites a speaker to each meeting, to help keep educated and motivated. They are looking particularly at tree planting, the revitalisation of North Tawton, and transport, energy and outreach – both the group and the Council want to work together for the benefit of all of our residents.

North Tawton Town Council and North Tawton Climate Group have jointly produced this questionnaire to consult with you about your views on climate change.

Together we want to hold a public event as soon as this is possible, and the questionnaire is a starting point for this – we want to use your responses to help plan and support community projects.

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    Personal Data – Climate Questionnaire

    We sometimes collect personal data to help us to run consultations on topics where we want the opinion of our residents.

    What data will we collect about you?

    This Climate Questionnaire asks for the following information about you:

    • Name
    • Address

    What will we use this data for?

    • We will use this information to make sure you’re entitled to take part in a consultation, ie to check you live in the parish of North Tawton.
    • We will never use your data for anything other than the purposes we collect it for.

    Who will see your data?

    • The only people who will see your data are the North Tawton Town Council Data Processors, ie the Town Clerk and the Assistant Town Clerk.
    • The questionnaires may be viewed by other members of the council but your personal data will be redacted first.
    • We will not share your information with third parties unless you give us permission to do so – we do not intend to share personal information from this questionnaire.

    Why are we doing this?

    The council runs consultations in its capacity as a public body, in the public interest.

    Participation is completely voluntary, but in order for your voice to be heard and for us to make sure the consultation is fair and not open to abuse, it’s necessary to collect and process some personal data.

    How long will your data be kept?

    Your data will not be kept any longer than necessary. In this instance your personal data will be destroyed by 1 April 2021, or within 2 weeks of you requesting us to destroy your data, whichever is earlier.

    How is your data stored and processed?

    • Paper copies of this questionnaire will be stored in a padlocked filing cabinet in the Council Office, which itself is securely locked when not occupied.
    • Data may also be held on the council’s electronic systems and will be protected using up-to-date technical and organisational security measures.

    NTTC General Data Protection information

    Information can be viewed on our General Data Protection Regulations page.

    Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.