North Tawton Flood Alleviation Scheme

The Met Office confirmed 2012 was the wettest year for England on record, but North Tawton’s Flood Alleviation defences have proved they work.  The Scheme was completed in 2003 and was jointly funded by West Devon Borough Council, DEFRA and the Department of the Environment.  The Chairman of North Tawton Town Council said that they had lobbied West Devon following the extreme flooding experienced in 2000/01.  The scheme, including extra drainage work and works around the river cost £1.7m, the bulk of which came from the Department of the Environment. SWW carried out a lot of CCTV work during which they found sewerage had been entering the stream and a small pumping station was installed in the area at the bottom of Fore Street hill. The works are now the responsibility of the Environment Agency, but during the recent bad weather the Town Council took it upon themselves to ensure that the steam and grids in the Fore Street area were kept clear.  Margaret Pridham, a resident of North Tawton, stated that she was very grateful that the scheme went ahead and has worked very well.


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Flood alleviation pond Download: Flood alleviation pond (70 KB) Flood alleviation pond