Following the Cemetery memorial inspection carried out by an external qualified contractor in 2023, the Council have been unable to contact next of kin for the following headstones. Under the exclusive right of burial, the grave owner or their next of kin are responsible to maintain the headstone/memorial.
For the Council to meet its legal obligations with regards to health and safety, if next of kin for the following headstones are not traced by 31st May 2024, the council’s appointed contractor, FJ Stevens & Son, Stone Masons, will lower (sink) each headstone into the ground, in an upright position, leaving a height of less than 625mm above ground level, thereby making it ‘safe’, at taxpayers’ expense totalling £980.00
If you have any concerns or identify as next of kin or have any information in relation to next of kin for the following graves, please do not hesitate to contact the Town Clerk.

C15/C16 William & Elizabeth LEE
D149/D150 Emma & Florence NINNIS
G110 Sarah TOWELL & Marjorie FARLEY
G134 William & Bessie MATTHEWS
F83 Dorothy & Reginald STEVENS
C133 John PIKE
C174 Ivy ALLEN
G143 George HAMLYN
C229 William HILL
D46 Catherine ADAMS
F95 Arthur MALLETT
F192 Sydney PALMER
F149 Laura & Honor ADAMS
F213 Olive PRIEST & Walter MORTIMER
F222 Monica & Lionel BLACKWELL
F247 William & Rosina LOWE
F2227 Francis & Mabel CROSSMAN
B109 Thomas & Grace ROCKEY
B111 Valery HELMAN
E20 Winifred HILL

Single-Use Plastic Free Cemetery
Please ‘come with us’ on our journey to make your cemetery ‘single-use plastic’ free by 1st September 2024. We encourage all users of the cemetery to dispose of oasis, silk ribbon, plastic trays, cellophane etc in the appropriate bins behind the chapel of rest (or take them home for recycling) and consider use of cut flowers or re-usable/recycled and/or bio-degradable memorial items for the sake of our environment.
In accordance with the Cemetery Terms & Conditions, the placement of shrubs, and trees, potted plants and flowers is prohibited unless contained within the base of the approved memorial.
Our grounds contractor will remove wreath and dead flowers when withered. Christmas wreaths will be removed by the end of February.